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Douglas Emhoff was previously married to Kristen Emhoff and had children with her- Cole and Ella Emhoff. But now he is married to vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Relationship of Kamala Harris with husband Douglas Emhoff

Democratic candidate Joe Biden announced his running mate Kamala Harris for his presidential campaign in 2020. With the elections just some weeks away, everyone wants to know about Senator Kamala Harris and her personal life and most importantly her husband. Kamala Harris is married to entertainment lawyer Douglas Emhoff. If Biden

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Barron Trump with his father Donald Trump. The 10 year old has a huge networth.

Barron Trump’s net worth; the youngest son of President Donald Trump

Not long before the first lady, Melania Trump wrote her personal essay regarding her fight the coronavirus did the news start floating about Donald Trump's youngest son Barron Trump testing positive of covid 19. Barron Trump , youngest son of President Donald Trump was eventually tested positive of the virus

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