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Facts of Michael Feldman (Husband of Savannah Guthrie)

An American public relations and communications consultant and a former Democratic political adviser Michael Feldman was born on October 14, 1968, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He was Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff during the 2000 presidential election campaign. He is a founding partner and managing director of The Glover Park Group, a communications, consulting and advocacy firm.

Facts about Michael Feldman

Feldman was in the political scene starting from President Bill Clinton’s time in office. He was a staff member in Clinton’s campaign in 1992 and later joined the Clinton Administartion. In 1997, he joined Vice President Al Gore’s staff as a senior adviser. He was the head of The Glover Park Group campaign back in the early 2000s, and now, he is their managing director and heads the environment and entertainment practices.

He works for the Communications Firms. His Firms is The Glover Park Group, which according to it’s website, has offices in Washington D.C and New York. He serves as a Founding Partner and Managing Director. He spent 8 years in the Clinton / Gore White House . It states that he was the Senior Advisor to Vice President Gore for seven years. He has famous friends from his time in his capital.

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