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Huawei Ban; The Rising Issue

In the modern world of mobile phone and technologies, Huawei is making the biggest comeback. It is on the second list of the manufactures of phones and mobiles worldwide. Although it is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of mobile phones, it has been in controversies for a long time. The main issue related to it is that the Chinese government is highly stroke that the types of equipment used in the manufacture of Huawei could be used to spy on other companies and countries as well.

Donald Trump on Huawei Ban

Considering the spying factor as one of the prime reasons, the United States of America banned the networking pieces of equipment used in the manufacture of Huwaei in the year 2012. Then, Huwaei was on the list of US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of industry and security Entity. Listed on the menu on 15th of May, Donald Trump gave an executive order to ban Huawei from the communication networks in the States.

In the meantime, there was a trend following, and many countries started banning Huwaei too. Despite having a significant presence in the United States and the world, the networking equipment of Huwaei got forbidden, and the phones produced by Huwaei were not visible. Although accused of various blames, Huawei has not denied any of the blames that it had to go through. But, it is making significant steps to overcome and maintain innocence in recent history. Also by the news, people claimed that because of the varying and multiple numbers if headlines, it is challenging to maintain peace and security in the world. So, to look after the threats, the events that took place in the year 2018 and 2019 are not neglected. This is to make sure that in 2019, the trends of the negligence in the technology industry can be negotiated and coped.

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